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Ask anything in My name and I will do it."

John 14:14

Our ministry revolves around our unique approach of being completely mobile; which puts our busses are at the core of what we do every week.  They are the engine allowing us to take the church to forgotten places in our community where there is no church.   

We decided early on that a bus would be an effective tool to accomplish our mission to reach the unreached families in our community.  However, we didn’t stop there.  We wanted to create something special;  a welcoming, fun environment. ​ Through a team of creative artists, designers, and skilled technicians working for months, we built something truly unique.    Our first one-of-a-kind themed bus transports you to a warm summer day at “Camp Kingdom Come”, and our newest bus places you right in the middle of a bustling West Coast skate park.  As a little known fact, we also cleverly integrated symbolism into the designs to represent many of the memorable stories that are special to KCM.  Whether it’s the bear-masked boy surprising the girls on the trail, the set arrow of the archer,  the “baptized cowboy” skateboard design, or the ankle arrow tattoo hidden in the graffiti wall,   they all represent special KCM stories.  So next time you are around our “church on wheels”, have fun exploring these living designs and make sure to ask Kristin or Leslie to share the story behind some of their favorite symbolic elements.  

Until then, we invite you to grab a hammock, relax, and take a virtual tour of our church!   ​

Click or tap an image and you can click or swipe (mobile) on them individually.

A Special Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsor:

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