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How This All Got Started...

It was October 15th of last year when God interrupted our comfortable Christian lives and we knew nothing was ever going to be the same. IT WAS TIME! God was calling us into His purpose. Everything up to this point was preparation for this moment. 



Over the last couple of years, God had really been pressing on me to lean in closer to Him, that He had other plans and a deeper purpose for my life.  I had assumed it was international missions and I was both delighted and terrified by this, but the timing never seemed right, and so I waited.  Really, I was the queen of dipping my toes in the water but not really walking on it.  


Then in the spring of 2014, while in Belize on a mission trip, standing in the poorest, the filthiest, the most needy, but also the most precious, joy-filled children’s church, I audibly heard God say, “It is time!”  In that moment, I knew what I was made for and although I wasn't sure what God was up to, I knew it was going to change everything. 


Later that summer, God began to reveal to me that I would, indeed, be leaving my job, but I had become comfortable and planted my feet solidly in my own plans.  I wrestled with God and I prayed for confirmation.  Over and over, He gave it to me, but I was afraid to move.  Somehow, I knew that I wouldn’t just be leaving my job.  There was much more to this plan.  During this time, God had also been quietly aligning mine and Leslie’s hearts to recognize the vision he would lay out for us.  We began to dream about teaching the Bible to kids outside the walls of Westminster.  I started to question…could this be His plan?


In October, God confirmed undeniably that I would be leaving not only my job, but also my church and my community - my safe haven.  I was devastated but also beyond excited for what He was laying out.  He wanted us to start a bus ministry that would serve His people, spread His word, and bring Him glory. It was the hardest and the easiest decision that I have ever made.  This is what I was made for!  But it would affect my family and others that I dearly love, and there was no Plan B.  There was little money in savings and no future paycheck promised.  How would we pay the bills?  Feed our babies?  I continued to argue with God, make excuses, ignore Him and cry, but I finally excepted that there were no other options that I was willing to take.  I would lose everything if I stayed in my comfortable box.  I had to trust that when God says, “Move”, He always provides the  way.  Today, I am thankful that He moves us out two by two!


So, the day I was to give my resignation, I sat down with God in the quiet, early hours of the morning.  I prayed, “if You want to change Your mind, it’s ok with me”.  I opened my Bible and it fell to Matthew 14:27-Jesus tells Peter to have faith, take courage and walk on water.  Of course!  So, God called and I answered, “Here I am!”



I remember very vividly being awakened from a dead sleep to the sound of a loud bang. I woke up and knew God was talking to me as he gave me Genesis 12:1: “The Lord said to Abram, ‘Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”  I was confused as to why God was telling me this but it wouldn’t be long before God revealed His plans.

Months passed and October came around. Through various circumstances it became very clear that my time was up; life was changing. God was calling me away from my church home, my job, and my community of friends. He was calling me away from everything that was comfortable and safe. God was calling me into something new.

One day Kristin and I began dreaming and God’s plan started to take shape. We dreamed of taking a school bus, ripping out all the seats, and turning it into a traveling kids’ church. We were beyond excited for this next step, but what He would ask of us next was almost too much to bear.

He began pressing in from all sides and He was asking me to resign from my job, trust in Him, and take a leap of faith. You see, there was no solid plan at this point and there wasn’t enough money in my savings account to live on for even a month. I remember thinking, “God, this is crazy!!! Are you sure this is what You are asking me to do?” I was scared to pray, but I did, and as I prayed He led me to the story of Abraham and Isaac. The words jumped off the page. Abraham had to obey and sacrifice Isaac so that God could provide the ram. I had to resign from my job before God was going to give us the next step in this bus ministry dream. God ask me, “How can you plan on ministering to these kids who had nothing and tell them that they can trust in Me to provide when you can't even trust me.” I spent many more nights thinking I didn’t have the faith to do what God was asking. One night I laid on my bathroom floor and wept. I knew it was time. I had everything to lose if I didn’t obey and everything to gain if I was obedient. I resigned from my job and God put into motion His plans. So, God called and I answered, “Here I am!” 


Immediately God confirmed that we were right in the middle of His will as He began pressing Matthew 21:22 on our hearts. “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.“ So we began asking in Jesus’ name for His provision of a bus. Then within 10 days He answered our prayers and blessed us with a bus. Thus Kingdom Come Ministries was born. Since then God has done immeasurably more than all we have asked or imagined and He is just getting started.


The story continues...